NYSSMA Solo Festival

NYSSMA Solo Festival provides students with the opportunity to prepare a piece of solo literature or work for small ensemble to be evaluated by a trained adjudicator. In addition, instrumental students also prepare scales/rudiments and perform sight reading. Vocal students will perform their solos followed by a sight singing example. Students receive a numeric score and written feedback based on their performance. 

2024 NYSSMA Solo Festival Information

Host School District: Central Valley Academy in Ilion, NY

NYSSMA Levels at Festival: 1-6, Level 6 All-State auditions

Type: Solo, Small Ensemble, All-State, Piano. No Instrumental or Vocal Jazz offered

Dates: Friday, May 10 and Saturday, May 11, 2024

General Chairperson: Mark Bunce

Please see your child's teacher for more information.