COVID-19 Resources

**These resources may not reflect the most current research/recommendations regarding COVID-19 in school music ensembles. Please see your child's music teacher for more information as each district has their own practices for mitigating the spread in music ensembles.**  

NYSSMA- The Future of Ensembles: A Q/A document that provides great starting points for some questions our departments and administrators have. It includes links to dozens of sources for further explanation. 

NFHS/NAfME Fall 2020 Guidance for Music Education: This document details several considerations, including suggestions on different forms of instruction and guidelines for ensembles and classroom music.

NFHS COVID-19 Aerosol Study: A link to the study on aerosol transmission during music performance. Winds/brass findings were released on Friday, July 10, 2020. Singing/theatre findings were released on Friday, July 25, 2020.

NYSSMA Advocacy Committee: Provides powerful resources regarding state and national music education requirements to help advocate for our programs. Our Zone's liaison is Mark Bunce, you may contact him at for more information.

NYSSMA Best Practices Committee: This committee is looking at the best practices of teaching music in all music classes. We will be examining distance learning, hybrid learning, as well as in-person learning. Our Zone's liaison is Sarah DePalma, you may contact her at for more information.

Music Education and Social Emotional Learning: An informational pamphlet that neatly summarizes the importance of social and emotional development in our teaching, and how to support this at various levels of administration/government.